Group Fitness Classes

COVID-19 Precautions

Under the current Nova Scotia Public Health restrictions appointments are required for all activity areas in Dalplex to ensure physical distancing. Members are be able to book appointments 72 hours in advance. 

The size of fitness classes is currently:

  • SPIN – 10 people per class
  • Yoga – 16 people per class
  • All other classes – 14 people per class

Included in your Dalplex membership! 

Dalplex offers a wide array of fitness classes and programs led by a team of top quality, energetic instructors. Our goal is to meet your health and wellness needs through a knowledgeable, friendly and professional approach to fitness. We encourage you to ask questions, get to know our instructors and attend a variety of classes to find out what you like best.


Do I need to book a spot in a group fitness class? 
Yes, until further notice there will be limited numbers allowed in studios for group fitness classes. All participants must book a spot in a class prior to arriving at Dalplex. Classes can be booked up to 3 days in advance. 
Looking for more information on booking an appointment? Check out our how to page!

Do I need to bring my own mat for yoga? 
We strongly encourage members to bring their own mat for yoga classes, however if you do not have one or have forgotten yours, the instructors do have mats they can provide. 

Tips for New Participants

  • Spin bikes can be reserved in advance 
  • Remember to wear comfortable, cool clothing, athletic footwear, and bring water.
  • Start gradually and work at your own pace. 
  • Beginners are welcome at all classes
  • It is helpful to arrive a few minutes early for all classes and to plan to stay until the end.

How to Book a Spin Bike

An appointment is required to use Dalplex. Appointments can be booked up to 72 hours in advance, until one (1) hour prior to its start time (provided the time slot is still available). Appointments can be booked online or over the phone by calling 902-494-3372. 
  • Each bike is labeled (1-8) - participants MUST use the bike number they are assigned to by the instructor for contact tracing purposes.
  • Masks MUST be worn until the instructor indicates the class is beginning.
  • Participants should arrive before the class begins and may not be permitted to enter the room after a class has already begun.
Only one (1) activity time slot booking per person per day. 
Members who do not show up for their appointments may lose the ability to book future visits. Members can cancel by phone (902-494-3372) or online up to three (3) hours before their appointment time.