Fitness Hall

The climate controlled fitness hall, located on the top floor of the Dalplex fitness centre, holds the majority of the strength and cardio equipment, as well as space for stretching and abdominal work. Click here to view our normal equipment layout in the fitness hall! 

Strength Training

The following equipment is typically available for use: 

  • One (1) vertical knee up station
  • One (1) back extension station 
  • One (1) Smith Rack with limited plates
  • Two (2) bench presses with limited plates and one bar
  • One (1) Olympic shoulder press with limited plates and one bar
  • Two (2) adjustable squat racks with limited plates and one bar
  • Two (2) leg presses (one plate loaded with limited plates and one cable)
  • Small selection of barbells and curl bars and plates
  • Eight (8) dumbbells stations with limited dumbbells  - Six (6) at main entry (heavier dumbbells) and two (2) at rear of facility (smaller dumbbells and barbells)
  • One (1) kettlebell station
  • Two (2) stretching stations with no equipment

Cardio Equipment

The following equipment is typically available for use but may be substituted from time to time for maintenance: 

  • Seven (7) treadmills
  • Four (4) ellipticals 
  • One (1) Stepper (Precor)
  • One (1) later stepper (Octane)
  • Two (2) Spinner bikes 
  • Two (2) upright bikes
  • Two (2) Recumbent bikes
  • Two (2) Ergs  


Let us teach you the basics of using the new equipment in the fitness hall!

Unsure how where equipment is located in the fitness hall? Unsure how to use a piece of equipment? 

Simply ask one of our weightroom monitors! 

Members do not need to make an apointment for this. Monitors are not certified trainers, but have all the adequate background to explain the machines to you.