If you have a mobility impairment, you can enter Dalplex via the main doors at the base of the driveway, or using the lift at the entrance off of South Street.

Depending on your accessibility needs (i.e. personal mobility restrictions, etc.) Dalplex has:

  • an elevator in the fitness centre to access second floor fitness hall and fitness studios
  • a ramp leading into the fieldhouse with an accessible door
  • an elevator in the fieldhouse to access the track, Dal Physiotherapy Clinic/spin studio/locker rooms/children’s play area, or the pool (a key is required to operate this elvator – please see Customer Service staff for assistance)
  • accessible washrooms, shower stalls and locker rooms

Dalplex is also an excellent facility choice for clients with a visual impairment who are looking for a wide variety of fitness training and active living options. Customer service staff can assist in orienting visually impaired members and guests with access to the building, determining the best routes into and out of the building, accommodation for guide dogs and who to turn to for help.  

Please contact Dalplex Customer Service at (902) 494-3372 or email to arrange your facility orientation or for further information.

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Dalhousie has a Student Accessibility Centre with a team of advisors that help support the needs to Dalhousie students who request accomodation as a result of disability, religious obligation, or an experience barrier related to any other characteristic protected under the Canadian Human Rights legislation.