Every year, we recognize the Rams' incredible accomplishments at the Athletic Awards Banquet. Awards are presented for outstanding performances on and off the field of play.

Athletes of the Year

Female AOY Rachael Bekkers (Woodsmen) and Kyle Corsten (Woodsmen)

Kyle Corsten

Rachael Bekkers


Most Valuable Players

front left-right:  J.C. Broussard (Basketball), Kieran Thornell (Cross Country), Jack Lynds (Soccer), Andrew Sytsma (Badminton), Kyle Corsten (Woodsmen)
back left-right:  Macy Penney-Cameron (Soccer), Maggie MacLeod (Basketball), Sarah van den Heuvel (Volleyball).  Missing:  Rachael Bekkers (Woodsmen), Bridget Kenny (Equestrian)

Coach's Choice Award

front left-right:  Paul Jiang (Basketball), Adrian Bent (Badminton), Peter Dekker (Soccer), Colton Cleveland (Woodsmen)
back left-right:  Sam Anderson (Basketball), Gabriella Hale (Soccer), Courtney George (Volleyball), Ella Lentz (Woodsmen)  Missing:  Eve Godin (Equestrian), Hannah Arseneault (Cross Country)

Most Improved Player Award

front left-right:  Sam Sharp (Soccer), David George (Woodsmen), Jonathan Budd (Cross Country)
back left-right:  Nellie Wood (Woodsmen), Kiran Fong (Badminton), Sam Nichols (Volleyball), Taygan Fancy (Equestrian), Jessical Greenhalgh (Basketball), Janessa Rathgeber (Soccer), Missing:  Tesean Clyke (Basketball)

Rookie Award

front left-right:  Adrian Bent (Soccer), Tim Trites (Badminton), Andre Barry (Basketball), Zach Lloyd (Woodsmen)
back left-right:  Robyn Gillighan (Equestrian), Jill Ferguson (Volleyball), Hannah Gerard (Cross Country), Maegan MacLean (Soccer), Hailey Anderson (Basketball), Beverly Booth (Woodsmen)

ACAA All Conference - Soccer

left-right:  Jack Lynds (1st team), Gabriella Hale (2nd team), Macy Penney-Cameron (1st team), Tim Trites (2nd team)

CCAA Academic All Canadians
Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association's most prestigious student-athlete award, epitomizing their mandate of recognizing excellence in academics and athletics.  To achieve this honour, a student-athlete must be named to his/her respective Conference All-Star teams (1st and 2nd) in a CCAA Sport, and must achieve a GPA standing of 3.7 or higher (honors average - 1st semester).

left to right:  Tim Trites (soccer), Gabriella Hale (soccer), Jack Lynds (soccer)

ACAA Cross Country - DAL AC Men's Team Champions

left-right:  Kieran Thornell, James van de Sande, Kyle Culberson, Jonathan Budd

ACAA Cross Country Most Valuable Runners:
Kieran Thornell and Hannah Arseneault

ACAA Badminton
Rookie of the Year - Tim Trites
Coach of the Year - Richard Bennicke

and DAL AC Men's and Women's A teams were CILA Champions.

Kyle Corsten, CILA MVP

(image coming soon)
Rachael Bekkers, CILA MVP

DAL AC - Grand Champion


K.S. Marchant Award
Presented to the student athlete with highest GPA in Degree and Technology carrying a minimum of 4 courses, 1st semester

front left-right:  Lane Yuill, Degree (Cross Country), Jack Lynds, Degree (Soccer), Ken Marchant, Lauren Parr, Degree (Equestrian)

K.S. Marchant Award
Presented to the student athlete with highest GPA in Degree and Technology carrying a minimum of 4 courses, 1st semester
front left-right:  Abigail Bonnington, Degree (Soccer), Hannah Gerard, Technology (Cross Country)


4th and 5th Year Athletes

Kyle Corsten, 4th yr (Woodsmen), Megan Wynn, 4th yr (Woodsmen), missing Rachael Bekkers, 4th yr (Woodsmen), Andrew Sytsma, 5th yr (Badminton)

Contribution Award

Janelle MacKeil

CCAA National Scholars
Academic Honors for both semesters, and play on a CCAA sport team.

Michelle Doane - Badminton
Kiran Fong - Badminton
Sarah Pepperdine - Badminton
Cindy Yu - Badminton
Tim Trites - Basketball and Soccer
Janessa Rathgeber - Basketball and Soccer
Ilana Prokop - Soccer
Patrick Allen - Soccer
Cody Smith - Soccer
Jack Lynds - Soccer
Peter Dekker - Soccer
Xenna Mazal - Volleyball
Sarah Vanden Heuval - Volleyball

DAL AC All Academic Athletes
Athletes who have demonstrated excellence in academics and athletics, achieving GPA of 3.7 or above for "honors" and a position on a varsity team (1st semester)

Michelle Doane, Badminton
Kiran Fong, Badminton
Sarah Pepperdine, Badminton
Cindy Yu, Badminton
Tim Trites, Badminton and Soccer
Janessa Rathgeber, Basketball and Soccer
Julia Roach, Cross Country
Lane Yuill, Cross Country,
Hannah Gerard, Cross Country
Jonathan Budd, Cross Country
Kaycee Ward, Equestrian
Hannah Facey, Equestrian
Robyn Gillighan, Equestrian
Eve Godin, Equestrian
Shannon Kelley, Equestrian
Bridget Kenny, Equestrian
Tori McLean, Equestrian
Lauren Parr, Equestrian
Kathryn Wallace, Equestrian
Abigail Bonnington, Soccer
Gabriella Hale, Soccer
Ilana Prokop, Soccer
Taylor Prest, Soccer
Patrick Allen, Soccer
Cody Smith, Soccer
Connor Mullins, Soccer
Peter Dekker, Soccer
Jack Lynds, Soccer
Sarah van den Heuvel, Volleyball
Xenna Mazal, Volleyball
Ella Lentz, Woodsmen
Hillary Schramm, Woodsmen
Rachael Bekkers, Woodsmen
Marissa Albright, Woodsmen
Kyle Corsten, Woodsmen
James Colpitts, Woodsmen