Every year, we recognize the Rams' incredible accomplishments at the Athletic Awards Banquet. Awards are presented for outstanding performances on and off the field of play.


Female:  Emily Peters (woodsmen)
Male:  Andrew MacEwen (woodsmen)
with Keltie Jones, Assistant Dean Students 


KS Marchant Award
presented to the athlete with the highest GPA in Degree and Technology

2014 saw 5 tie for Degree - Alana Bent, Amy Unicomb, Berdien Bakker, Katie McQueen and Josiah McNutt.   Technology - Joan Cole 

front l-r  Alana Bent (soccer), Ken Marchant, Katie McQueen (volleyball)
back l-r  Amy Unicomb (rugby), Joan Cole (rugby), Josiah McNutt (soccer), Berdien Bakker (badminton)


2014 MVP Award

front l-r  Jonathan Crouse (cross Country), Taran Jordan (basketball), Andrew MacEwen (woodsmen), Adam MacKinnon (badminton), Craig MacEachern (soccer)
back l-r Emily Peters (woodsmen), Jescynda Cain-Hotham (golf), Joan Cole (rugby), Samantha Fanning (volleyball), Hillary Hopper (basketball), Leah Cook (soccer), missing: Heather Creamer (equestrian)  


5th Year Varsity Athletes

Evan Rafuse (woodsmen), Melissa Bahri (soccer & badminton) missing:  Georgia Lewis (rugby), Kent Mader (soccer)


Fourth Year Varsity Athletes
(no image)
Rugby:  Joan Cole, Jessica STickney, Jessika MacAskill, Becky Blank
Basketball:  Hillary Hopper
Woodsmen:  Andrew MacEwen, Jason Withrow, William McCallum, Bridget Wilson, Emily Peters, Breagh Ross
Soccer:  William Hannah, Alyx MacDonald, Robert Matheson


CCAA Academic All Canadian
l-r  Leah Cook (soccer), Craig MacEachern (soccer) Ken Marchant, Arielle Fitzgerald (cross country)


CCAA Athlete of the Month

Samantha Fanning (Volleyball) with Ken Marchant


ACAA All Conference  (Cross Country)

Logan Grant and Arielle Fitzgerald


ACAA All Conference (Golf)

Jescynda Cain-Hotham


ACAA All Conference (Volleyball)

Thea McLachlin and Samantha Fanning


ACAA All Conference (Soccer)
l-r Craig MacEachern, Leah Cook, Melissa Bahri, Ben Nelson


ACAA All Conference (Badminton) 
Luke MacKinnon and Berdien Bakker

ACAA All Conference (Rugby)

front l-r Jessika MacAskill, Jessica Stickney, Joan Cole
back l-r Kathleen Sterritt, Whitney Shaver, Becky Blank
missing:  Georgia Lewis

CILA (Canadian Intercollegiate Lumberjacking Association)  MVP

Emily Peters


Hustle Award

front l-r  Jason Withrow (woodsmen), Harris Bakker (badminton), Tyler MacDonald (basketball), Josh Borgal (soccer)
back l-r  Breagh Ross (woodsmen), Kasadee Allen (basketball), Stephanie Wilson (rugby), Melissa Bahri (soccer), Katie McQueen (volleyball) 


Most Improve Award

front l-r  Marcus Robinson (basketball), James Oostvogels (woodsmen), Ben Nelson (soccer)
back l-r Melissa Mommoliti (volleyball), Erica Jackson (badminton), Emily Davis (woodsmen), Kaylee Little (rugby), Theresa Rankin (basketball), Ellen Sharp (soccer)


Rookie Award

front l-r  Jescynda Cain-Hotham (woodsmen), Nathan Hill (soccer), Devin Elsemore (basketball), Marco MacLeod (woodsmen), Arielle Fitzgerald (cross country)
back l-r  Leah Ellis (equestrian), Sydney Sprenger (soccer), Kathleen Sterritt (rugby), Candace Reynolds (basketball), Berdien Bakker (badminton), Thea McLachlin (volleyball), Lindsay Cameron (golf)