Every year, we recognize the Rams' incredible accomplishments at the Athletic Awards Banquet. Awards are presented for outstanding performances on and off the field of play.

Athletes of the Year

Co Female AOY Shanice Maxwell (soccer) and Hannah Arseneault (cross country) missing
and Connor Morse (Woodsmen)

Most Valuable Players

front left-right:  Rebecca Lumax (equestrian), Melanie Porter (woodsmen), Connor Morse (woodsmen)
back left-right:  Thea McLachlin (volleyball), Andrew Sytsma (badminton), J.C. Broussard (basketball), Shanice Maxwell (soccer)
missing:  Hannah Arseneault (cross country), Ruben Geerts (soccer)

Coach's Choice Award

front l-r:  James Colpitts (woodsmen), Katie Walsh (soccer), Sarah Pepperdine (badminton), Eve Godin (equestrian)
back l-r:  Meghan Wynn (woodsmen), Cody Smith (soccer), Robin Grouse (basketball), Samantha Nichols (volleyball), Julia Roach (cross country)

Most Improved Player Award

front l-r:  Cindy Yu (badminton), Lily Forsythe (cross country), Marissa Albright (woodsmen)
back l-r:  Sarah van den Heuvel (volleyball), Zane Gares (basketball), Michael MacDonald (woodsmen), Summer Nasr (soccer)
Missing:  Michiel van der Paal (soccer), Bridget Kenny (equestrian)

Rookie Award

front l-r:  Annie Lovett (equestrian), Michelle Doane (badminton), Hillary Schramm (woodsmen), Veronica Deno (soccer)
back l-r:  Jack Lynds (soccer), Kieran Thornell (cross country), Sandrais Clayton (basketball), Thian Carman (woodsmen), Sarah van den Heuvel (volleyball)

ACAA Player of the Year and CCAA All Canadian

Shanice Maxwell (soccer)

CCAA Academic All Canadians
Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association's most prestigious student-athlete award, epitomizing their mandate of recognizing excellence in academics and athletics.  To achieve this honour, a student-athlete must be named to his/her respective Conference All-Star teams (1st and 2nd) in a CCAA Sport, and must achieve a GPA standing of 3.7 or higher (honors average - 1st semester).

l-r:  Jack Lynds (soccer), Katie Walsh (soccer),
Missing:  Hannah Arseneault (cross country)

K.S. Marchant Award
Presented to the student athlete with highest GPA in Degree and Technology carrying a minimum of 4 courses, 1st semester

front l-r:  Karell Hebert - Degree (equestrian), Ken Marchant, Katie McCallum - Degree (cross country)
back l-r:  Lily Forsythe - Technology (cross country), Connor Morse - Degree (woodsmen), Jack Lynds - Degree (soccer)

4th Year Athletes

front l-r:  Connor Morse (woodsmen), Cora Sharp (soccer), Eddie Boyle (soccer)
back l-r:  Neel Amin (basketball), Summer Nasr (soccer), Andrew Sytsma (badminton)

5th Year Athletes

front l-r Melanie Porter (woodsmen), Thea McLachlin (volleyball)
back l-r Murray Clements (woodsmen), Al Loureiro (soccer)

ACAA All Conference 2017-18 Basketball

Robin Grouse (basketball)

ACAA All Conference 2017-18 Soccer
front l-r:  Veronica Deno, Cora Sharp - also recipient of Gerry LeBlanc Award, Leah Wiseman
back l-r:  Sian Rankin, Jack Lynds, Katie Walsh, Shanice Maxwell
Missing:  Ruben Geerts

ACAA All Conference 2017-18 Volleyball
Thea McLachlin  

ACAA All Conference 2017-18 Cross Country
l-r:  Kieran Thornell, Kyle Culberson
Missing:  Hannah Arseneault

CCAA National Scholars
Academic Honors for both semesters, and play on a CCAA sport team.
(List coming soon)

DAL AC All Academic Athletes
Athletes who have demonstrated excellence in academics and athletics, achieving GPA of 3.7 or above for "honors" and a position on a varsity team (1st semester)

Andrew Sytsma
Michelle Doane
Kiran Fong
Jingning Huang
Cindy Yu

Sho Tamura

Cross Country
Hannah Arseneault
Lily Forsythe
Katie McCallum
Shannon O'Connor
Julia Roach
Lane Yuill

Maddie Fiander-Deaveau
Hannah Facey
Eve Godin
Karell Hebert
Annie Lovett

Alan Fiddes
Jack Lynds
Cody Smith
Justin Thorne
Brenden Wheeler
Summer Nasr
Katie Walsh

Xenna Mazal
Sarah van den Heuvel

Connor Morse
David George
Thian Carman
Ethan Reashore
Melanie Porter
Rachael Bekkers
Mariss Albright
Kate Nason
Eilish Conenrs
Hillary Schramm
Gaby Sabat Ortigoza