Athlete Information

Full-time Dalhousie students are welcomed to attend open tryouts and prospective Dalhousie student-athletes are encouraged to fill out the prospective recruit form. For more information please contact the Associate Director, Andrew Harding

There is a non-refundable athletic fee of $200 for each athlete who makes the varsity team. This is to be paid at the start of the season prior to the first regular season game. Varsity athletes are allowed to participate in 2 sports as long as the competitive season does not overlap, in these situations only one athletic fee is required.

The university encourages student-athletes to strive for success and supports academic success through Dalhousie’s academic support programs

Student-athletes represent the university, the athletic department, and their team in a positive way and adhere to the student code of conduct. A complete copy of the Dalhousie University Code of Student Conduct can be obtained from the Student Services Office.

The Langille Athletic Centre provides part time employment opportunities for students throughout the year, for more information on how to apply please contact Operations Coordinator, Jonathan Wang