What Campers Can Expect

A Typical Camp Day

What's Included (unless otherwise noted for a specific camp)

  • daily cafeteria-style lunch
  • daily swim
  • a t-shirt/jersey for the camper
  • one (1) complimentary Dalplex family day pass
  • one (1) complimentary Dal Tigers regular season single game pass  

What to Bring

  • Labeling your child’s belongings also makes it easier for our staff to identify and return lost items.
  • Athletic attire: t-shirt, shorts, track pants, sweatshirt, sneakers
  • Sun protective clothing and sunscreen
  • Raincoat for rainy days
  • Swimsuit (two if camp has more than one swim) and towel
  • Water bottle
  • Nut-free snacks for morning and afternoon snack breaks
  • For Parents/Guardians: photo I.D. is required at camp pick-up

What NOT to Bring

  • Cell phones
  • Collector cards (i.e. Pokémon cards)
  • Handheld games and electronics
  • Toys and stuffed animals
  • Money or debit cards (vending machines will not be allowed)

Lunches & Snacks

  • Our full day Halifax summer camps include cafeteria-style lunches unless otherwise stated.
  • These lunches take place on campus in a residence dining hall and begin at approximate­ly 11:30 each day. (Please check your camp itinerary for the exact start time).
  • One week prior to camp a menu will be emailed to the parents, along with camp itinerary.
  • Please list any food allergies or dietary restrictions on the Supplemental Information and Medical Form (Appendix B).
  • If your child's allergies/dietary restriction require an alternate lunch option, please contact the Camp Coordinator a minimum of five (5) days prior to your camp start date.
  • If lunch is not included in your camp, we recommend you pack your child’s lunch in a small cooler, lunch box or lunch bag as refrigeration is not avail­able.  


  • All campers under 12 years of age who want to swim in the deep end must complete a swim test on the first day of camp if they wish to participate in the daily swims.
  • The swim tests consists of a 50-meter swim without stopping, using any combination of strokes (excludes backstroke - must be on front) and treading water for one minute.
  • Children who pass this test will be given a bracelet that al­lows them access to the deep end.
  • If your child is unable to complete the swim test or does not want to swim in the deep end, they will be required to wear a personal flotation device (PFD) provided by Dalplex and will not be permitted in the deep end. Fitness belts, puddle jumpers or other means of personal floatation are not acceptable.

Where to Go

  • Your child’s day will begin and end at Dalplex, Wickwire Field, Studley Gym, Halifax Forum, or Cole Harbour Place.
  • Please refer to your camp itinerary (emailed out 1-2 weeks prior to camp start date) for the specific location.
  • Activities will take place at various indoor and outdoor locations on Dalhousie campus.


  • One week prior to camp you will be emailed a parking pass allowing you to briefly park in the Dalplex and Wickwire Field lots during drop-off (8:00-9:00am) and pick-up (4:00-5:00pm).
  • If you are parking on campus for an extended period of time, please use the metered parking.
  • If you are uncertain of parking regulations, please see the signs posted in the parking lot.


If your child requires inclusion support in order to participate in the camp program, we encourage you to contact the Campus Recreation Coordinator at 902-494-2002 to discuss what options are available.


Download your Parent Guide to Dal Camps!

After you've registered, don't forget to download a copy of our Parent Guide to Dal Camps [PDF], which includes information on what to pack in your child's bag, the camper's code of conduct, extra forms you may need to fill out and much much more!