Camp Handbook

Our misson is to provide high-quality recreational and sport development day camps. We strive to provide developmentally appropriate activities that promote life-long learning of recreational and sport skills. These skills are learned in recreational and/or compeititive settings to encourage each child to explore fun and diverse activities. 

Camp Contacts

For more information please contact the Campus Recreation team:
Phone: 902-494-1605

*The below information is up to date as of May 1, 2024 and is subject to change.

What to expect

What is included

  • daily cafeteria-style lunch
  • daily swim
  • t-shirt/jersey for the camper
  • one (1) complimentary Dal Tigers regular season single game pass 

*Unless otherwise noted for a specific camp

What to bring

  • Athletic attire: t-shirt, shorts, track pants, sweatshirt, sneakers
  • Sun-protective clothing and sunscreen
  • Rain gear for rainy days
  • Water bottle
  • Nut-free snacks for breaks
  • Swim suit and towel 

Labeling your child's belongings also makes it easier for our staff to identify and return lost items!

What not to bring 

  • Cell phones 
  • Collector cards (i.e. Pokemon cards)
  • Handheld games and electronics 
  • Toys and stuffed animals
  • Money or debit cards (vending machines will not be allowed)

Arriving & Departing

Where to go

Your child’s program will begin and end at Wickwire Field, Studley Gym, Dalplex or the Halifax Forum. Please refer to your program itinerary (emailed out 2 weeks prior to camp start date) for the specific location. Activities will take place at Dalplex, Studley Gym, Wickwire Field, the Halifax Forum and outdoor locations on Dalhousie campus and surrounding areas. 


One week prior to camp, you will be emailed a parking pass allowing you to briefly park in the Dalplex and Wickwire Field lots during drop-off (8:00-9:00am) and pick-up (4:00- 5:00pm). If you are parking on campus for an extended period of time, please use the Hot Spot parking. If you are uncertain of parking regulations, please see the signs posted in the parking lot. 

Check-in Procedures

Children will be checked-in at the West Entrance of Wickwire field, at the back of Studley Gym or Dalplex. Hockey camps are at the Halifax Forum. Please refer to the campus map on page 2 of this document for directions. Check-in will begin no earlier than 30 minutes prior to the stated camp start time. 


Please email if your child will be absent from camp or a program. 

Check-out Procedures

Check-out will take place at the same location as drop-off, at the stated program end time, for a period of 30 minutes. All participants must check out within that time frame. Photo ID is required at daily check out before children can be picked up from the program.

If your child is aged 12 years or older, they may leave the program on their own at the end of the day. Participants will be required to sign themselves out prior to leaving. 

Accidents & Emergencies

Our camp staff are certified in CPR, AED and first aid, and are trained in emergency procedures. In the event of a medical emergency we will assess the situation, take appropriate medical action and inform you as quickly as possible using the contact information you have provided on the Guardian Waiver and Release of Liability Form


Please email to list any medication that your child requires. Our staff are only permitted to give prescription medication authorized by a physician. Staff are not permitted to administer over-thecounter/non-prescribed medication (i.e. ibuprofen, acetaminophen, antihistamines, etc.). All prescription medications must be labelled and in their original container with the child’s name, prescribed dosage and doctor’s name. All medication must be given directly to the staff member at the sign-in table each day for proper administration. Medication cannot be kept in your child’s backpack. 

Anaphylactic Allergies and Asthma

Please list any anaphylactic allergies that your child has and the emergency plan on the Anaphylaxis Action Form and/or asthma concerns on Supplemental Information and Medical Form. Parent(s)/guardians(s) are encouraged to discuss their child’s individual allergy/asthma needs with staff, as we need to be aware of any problems that may arise. All lifesaving devices such as an Epi-Pen, asthma inhalers, etc. are required to be with the participant at all times. 

Contacting your child during program time

If you have an emergency and need to contact your child during the camp, please call the Manager, Campus and Community Recreation at 902-494-1605. You can also contact the Dalplex Client Experience desk at 902-494-3372.

To report daily camp absences, messages and general information, please email or call 902-494-1605.

Lunches & Snacks

  • Our full-day summer camps include cafeteria-style lunches unless otherwise stated 
  • These lunches take place on campus in a residence dining hall and begin at approximately 11:30am each day. (Please check your camp itinerary for the exact start time) 
  • March Break and PD Day camps require a packed lunch that is nut-free 
  • One week prior to camp a menu will be emailed to the parents, along with camp itinerary 
  • Please list any food allergies or dietary restrictions on the Supplemental Information and Medical Form 
  • If your child’s allergies/dietary restriction require an alternate lunch option, please contact the Manager, Campus and Community Recreation a minimum of five (5) days prior to your camp start date


  • All campers under 12 years of age who want to swim in the deep end must complete a swim test on the first day of camp if they wish to participate in the daily swims.
  • The swim tests consists of a 50-meter swim without stopping, using any combination of strokes (excludes backstroke - must be on front) and treading water for one minute.
  • Children who pass this test will be given a bracelet that al­lows them access to the deep end.
  • If your child is unable to complete the swim test or does not want to swim in the deep end, they will be required to wear a personal flotation device (PFD) provided by Dalplex and will not be permitted in the deep end. Fitness belts, puddle jumpers or other means of personal floatation are not acceptable.

Participant Expectations

This section will outline the expectations of each child enrolled in our camps, as well as safety guidelines and procedures you can expect from our staff. We are charged with the safety of many children, and these expectations are important to ensure a fun and safe place for our campers to enjoy. Please take time to review these expectations with your child(ren) so they know what to expect while at camp.

Participant Code of Conduct 

Respect for Self

  • Take care of your belongings 
  • Listen and be attentive 
  • Be responsible for your actions 
  • Follow the rules 
  • Use an indoor/quiet voice when asked 
  • Line up quickly and quietly 

Respect for Others 

  • Treat others how you want to be treated 
  • Be kind 
  • Use helping hands (hands and feet to yourself) 
  • Wait your turn 
  • Look and listen to others 
  • Use fair play 

Respect for Environment 

  • Keep all belongings in your back pack 
  • Walk when traveling to and from activities 
  • Take care of things in camp 
  • Place your belongings in the appropriate spot (cubbies, benches, lockers) 
  • Respect the facilities you’re in 
  • Put garbage, recycling and compost in appropriate bins 
  • Put things back in proper place  

Respect for Fun

  • Be on time 
  • Give others space 
  • Listen to others 
  • Try to do your best 
  • Ask for help 
  • Use an indoor/quiet voice when asked 
  • Share and take turns 

Behavoural Guidelines

Our goals are:

  • Fun 
  • Learning 
  • Promoting healthy development 
  • Skill development 
  • Play 
  • Friendship development 

Camp is often a new, exciting and sometimes overwhelming experience from some children, which may result in challenging and unwelcome behaviour.

Step 1: Corrective Measures

The following forms of consequence-based corrective measures may be used if a child is unwilling to participate or cooperate while in camp:

  • Limits will be set and enforced consistently and fairly. 
  • A brief time-out may sometimes be required, where a camper is removed from an activity for a period of quiet time to cool down and gain composure. They will remain under camp staff supervision. 
  • Reinforcement of positive behaviour will be used. Staff are encouraged to refrain from statements using ‘no’, but rather explain why something should or should not be done and to model expected behaviour. 
  • Staff will assist campers in resolving conflicts that arise and will make every effort to redirect campers to another activity before issues may occur. 
  • Parents will be called if behavioural problems persist. The next course of action taken will be up to the discretion of the Camp staff in conjunction with the Camp Coordinator. 
  • All behaviour issues will be communicated to parents by camp staff, no matter the severity of the behaviour.

Step 2: Discipline

After corrective measures (see step 1) have been taken with a child’s behaviour, any camper who continues to disrupt daily camp activities, is disrespectful of other campers or staff, or bullies other campers will be subject to the following consequences. These will be issued at the discretion of the Camp Coordinator and will be discussed thoroughly with parent(s)/ guardian(s). 

First Warning: The camper will be taken aside and spoken to about their behaviour. It will be explained that the behaviour must not continue, why it is not acceptable at camp, and what further consequences may occur if the behaviour continues. 

Campers may be taken away from the group into the camp office for a period of time if necessary. Parents will be made aware that we gave the child a warning.

Second Warning: Should the same behaviour continue the child will be removed from camp and meet with the Camp Coordinator and camp staff in order to discuss why the unacceptable behaviour is continuing. This meeting will be documented, and the parent/guardian will be given a written copy of what was discussed. The parent/guardian will be required to sign off that a camp staff spoke with them about their child’s continued behavioural challenges.

Final Warning and Dismissal: If behavioural concerns persist after the above attempts are made to address the issue, the camper will be removed from camp. This will occur after a meeting with the Camp Coordinator, the camper and the camper’s parent(s)/guardian(s). Depending on the severity of the inappropriate behaviour, the participantmay be prohibited from participating in future activities and/or programs hosted by Dalhousie Athletics and Recreation. This will be at the discretion of the Department of Athletics and Recreation.

Automatic Dismissal: Should a camper partake in any of the following types of behaviour, immediate dismissal from the program will occur:

  • Physical Contact/Violence/ Harassment/Bullying. Less serious incidents will be dealt with using the previously mentioned discipline methods, but in extreme cases, automatic dismissal may occur. 
  • Violent and inappropriate language directed at any camper or Dalhousie staff member. 
  • Drugs (unless otherwise prescribed by a physician) and alcohol of any kind consumed before and/or during any camp program. 
  • Leaving the camp group and/or facility without authorization 
  • Other extreme behaviour that staff deems intolerable and unable to be corrected. 

Transfer & Refund Policy: Camps & Academies

Camp registrations must be paid in full at time of enrolment.

If the camp you are registered for is cancelled, you will receive a full refund (prorated, if applicable). 

You may withdraw from a camp by contacting 902-494-3372 up to seven (7) days prior to the camp start date for a refund subject to a $25 administrative charge (fee is applied to each camp refunded).

There is no administrative charge for a camp transfer. No pro-rated refunds will be given for any camp days that are missed due to illness or vacation.

Please allow up to seven (7) business days for processing of all refunds.