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Family Swims

Posted by Angela on February 1, 2021 in Current News

Starting Saturday, February 13, 2021, we’re pleased to be able to offer Family Swims.

Family Swims are for Dalplex members only who have family memberships or members with either spouse/partner and/or dependent child add-ons.

A maximum of four (4) family members are permitted in the lane during the Family Swim appointment under the following guidelines to ensure the safety and proper supervision of all children while using the pool:

  • Children 12 years of age & under MUST be supervised by their parent/guardian (18 years +) at all times.
  •  Children 7 years of age & under MUST remain within an arm’s reach of their parent/guardian (18 years +) at all times.
  • Children 7 years of age & under who wish to swim farther than within an arm’s reach of their parent/guardian must achieve special swimmer status. To receive this, the child will be expected to pass the Swim to Survive Test. Please see information below on the Swim to Survive Test.
  • Children 8 years of age & older who are deemed to be weak or non-swimmers must remain within arm’s reach of their parent/guardian or wear a PFD.
  • Parents/guardians are only permitted to have a maximum of two children with them at any time. Accepted family member combinations:
    -    1 parent/guardian & 1 child
    -    1 parent/guardian & 2 children
    -    2 parents/guardians & 1 child
    -    2 parents/guardians & 2 children


Members must book a Family Swim appointment, NOT a Pool Lane Swim appointment.

All other appointment rules and regulations apply.

All Family Swims will take place in shallow lane 1, with shallow lane 2 closed to act as a buffer from lane swimmers.

Family Swims will be offered at the following times with some exceptions:




7:15-8:15pm *new*


10:15-11:15am *new*

*Family swim is cancelled Sat March 13, 4:45-5:45pm and Sat April 17, 9:30-10:30am and 6-7pm 

Swim to Survive Test
Children 7 years of age & under must complete the Lifesaving Society’s Swim to Survive program to be permitted to swim farther than an arm’s length away from their parent/guardian. Please see the lifeguard on duty to arrange for the test.

They must be able to comfortably and safely demonstrate the following:

  • Continuous 50m swim.
  • Tread water for one (1) minute.

The lifeguard conducting the swim test will determine if the child attempting the skills can perform them to an adequate standard.

Additional Information

PDF’s will be available for use, but no toys or flutter boards will be available. Members are welcome to bring their own flutter boards.

All other pool rules, regulations and guidelines apply