Indoor Pool

Changes due to COVID-19

Due to the coronovirus pandemic, many of the services and facilities available at Dalplex have been altered or are temporarily unavailable.

The pool is scheduled to reopen on August 17, 2020 as part of the third phase of our reopening plan.

Members will be required to book an appointment to use the pool.

  • Members must be 12+ to book an appointment and are limited to one per day.
  • Length of appointment time is 60 minutes (1 hour) and includes the time to enter and exit the building.
  • Members will be able to book their appointments online 72 hours in advance, starting August 14, 2020 or by calling 902 494-3372.
  • Members will be required to complete a COVID-19 health screening questionnaire during the booking process.
  • Members who do not show up for their appointments without notice may lose the ability to book future visits.

Members must use their DalCard/membership card to access the facility. Entry will not be permitted without it.

Members must wear a mask to enter the facility and while moving in the building to and from the pool.

Please follow directional signage to access the pool via the spectator entrance as the lower level locker rooms are closed and while on the pool deck.

  • Lane swimming only: short course with sixteen (16) twenty-five metre lanes - one (1) person per lane.
  • Members will be assigned a lane once they arrive on the pool deck.
  • Please enter and exit the pool using the bulkhead. If you are unable to use the bulkhead, please use the ladders closest to the locker rooms.
  • Please swim in the middle of your lane, circle swimming is not permitted.

Equipment will not be provided. Members may bring their own flutter boards and pull-buoys.

  • Snorkels are not permitted.
  • It is recommended that members wear goggles.
  • Spectators are not permitted.
  • Goggles are mandatory for swim team training.

Members should come dressed to swim as the main locker rooms and lockers are not available.

  • On-deck locker rooms and washrooms will be available with an occupant limit of one (1) person per room at any time.
  • On-deck showers will be available – one (1) person per shower room at any time. As a courtesy to others and to respect the 60-minute appointment time, please limit your time in the showers.
  • Members using the pool may bring a duffel bag/backpack with them. Please leave your personal belongings in the designated space behind your assigned lane. It is recommended you leave your valuables at home and bring only what you need for swimming.

Information up to date as of August 18, 2020

Dalplex is home to an 8-lane, 50-metre indoor pool.

Daily lane swimming times are available and open swims, where members can enjoy the diving boards and diving towers, are scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays plus on weekday afternoons in the summer.