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New Fitness Centre FAQ

Posted by Melissa Cooper on June 10, 2016 in Current News

What happens to current locker rooms?

The current locker rooms will remain in service for use by people using the pool, racquet courts, etc.

Will the new facility have saunas in the locker rooms?

No, unfortunately space and cost prohibits saunas in the new locker rooms. However, the existing locker rooms and saunas will remain open for use.

Will new locker rooms have locks?

No, please continue to bring your own locks.

Will there be an adults’ only change room somewhere now?

No, not planned at this time. There are private shower/change stalls in all locker rooms.

The current locker rooms will still be available.

What kind of equipment will be in new gym?

We are looking at replacing and increasing the number of cardio machines and enhancing the strength equipment inventory.

The current plan is to retain any of the existing strength equipment that is still performing well. For example, the Atlantis equipment was just purchased in August 2015.

What does high performance gym mean and who will be able to use this space?

Currently this area is intended for teams (varsity and club) to schedule their large and small group workouts and possibly personal training and group fitness training.

This leaves the general strength equipment more accessible to all users and not dominated by teams.

If the budget allows for a weight room monitor the room may be open at specific times for general use by our students and members.

The type of equipment that will be located in High Performance Room is under discussion.

What will happen to the current cardio room?

Undecided. The equipment from the cardio room will move to the new building, however, we don’t know what we’ll do with that space yet. Send your suggestions!

Can there be a map at the entrance of the building and/or “take with you” maps?

Great suggestion! We’ll put it on the to-do list.

Will there be underground or rooftop parking?

No. Unfortunately, we will not have any more parking.