Group Fitness Online Classes

Until further notice, there will be limited room in our group fitness classes. Members and students will be required to book a spot in a fitness class prior to arrving at Dalplex. This can be done online by clicking here or by calling 902-494-3372.

Classes can be booked up to three days in advance. The following classes will be recorded and shared online for those unable to attend in person:

  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Dumbbells)
  • Functional Flexin'
  • Yoga 

Our library of online classes can be found below. 


Improve muscle tone while working your body from head to toe. This class uses hand held weights and body weight exercises to provide a challenging and fun workout. Class includes warm up, cool down, and floor work with abdominal training and stretching.

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August 8 - Jennifer 
August 15 - Jennifer 
August 17 - Marie 
August 24 - Marie 
Sept 14 - Marie

Functional Flexin'

If you're looking for a full-body workout, look no further! This class will use body weight exercises to work on developing your core and general mobility. Functional fitness is the focus! Exercises and length of intervals will vary from class to class so that boredom is never a problem! Exercises will be demonstrated at levels from beginner to more advanced so that all participants can get their hearts pumping!

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August 4
August 11


 In yoga, we connect the rhythm of the breath with a series of yoga poses (asanas). This is a zero-judgement class, everyone moves to their own ability so all levels are welcome. Participants may use blocks and adjustments/accommodations can be made to poses. Goals of the class are muscle activation, posture improvement, tension release, and reducing stress and anxiety. We always finish class in a final resting pose (savasana), to finish class feeling refreshed and rested.  

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August 6 - Matt
August 19 - Helen
August 20 - Matt
August 26 - Helen
September 3 - Helen 
September 4 - Matt
September 14 -Abra
September 16 - Helen
September 18 - Abra