Fitness & Wellness programs

Due to the growing concerns over Novel Coronavirus (COVID‑19) and the latest public health advice, Dalhousie University has made the decision to temporarily close its athletic facilities, which means we must unfortunately cancel the remainder of this term's fitness and wellness classes.

Please contact our Client Experience Centre staff at with any questions.


Dalplex offers a number of paid programs in addition to free group fitness classes and other programs. Dalplex programs are offered at a discounted price to Dal students and Dalplex members. You can browse all of our programs online. Program categories include: 

How to Register

  • online (please call the Customer Service Centre to confirm your account information if registering online for the first time)
  • in person at the Dalplex Customer Service Centre
  • by calling 902-494-3372

Unsure of the appropriate level of the class or program you should register for? Call the Customer Service Centre at 902-494-3372 for a recommendation.