Fitness & Wellness Programs

Changes due to COVID-19

Due to the coronovirus pandemic, many of the services and facilities available at Dalplex have been altered or are temporarily unavailable.

For more information, please consult our phased reopening plan.

Fee-Based Programs

Dalplex offers a number of paid programs in addition to free group fitness classes and other programs. Dalplex programs are offered at a discounted price to Dal students and Dalplex members. You can browse all of our programs online. Program categories include: 

How to Register

  • online (please call the Customer Service Centre to confirm your account information if registering online for the first time)
  • in person at the Dalplex Customer Service Centre
  • by calling 902-494-3372

Unsure of the appropriate level of the class or program you should register for? Call the Customer Service Centre at 902-494-3372 for a recommendation.