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Dalplex Programs & Training


Weight Room Orientations

Learn the basics, ask questions, and become familiar with the equipment at one of our free weight room orientations

Group Fitness Classes

Dalplex offers over 35 classes group fitness classes per week led by a team of top quality, energetic instructors.

Personal Training

Our trainers tailor their programs to you! Learn more about personal training including what to expect and how to sign up. 

Fitness & Wellness Programs

Dalplex programs include bootcamps, kickboxing, yoga, strength training, rock climbing and more. Discounted rates for students and members!

First Aid Programs

Dalplex offers CPR and first aid certifications, with discounted rates for students and Dalplex members. Browse through course offerings.

Noon Hoops

Noon hoops is Monday-Friday, 11:30am-1:30pm in Area 8 & 11 - no registration required! If the fieldhouse is booked, Noon Hoops may move to Studley Gym. 

Member Squash

Drop by and play against players of similar ability during designated member squash times and/or join the Halifax Squash League. 

Women's Only Swim

Dalplex is proud to offer a weekly women's only swim to members and day pass/multi-visit pass holders.