Dalplex reopening Monday, December 21, 2020

For more infomation on the changes we have made, check out our website.

We are suspending all community member payments for the month of January. Automatic monthly payment withdraws will recommence on February 1, 2021. Those who paid for their memberships with a lump sum will have their memberships extended by 21 days.

Your Dalplex membership includes access to...

Dal students can also access intramural and sport club programs

*Some exceptions may apply; please see individual camp pages for details.  

Student Memberships

Full-time Dalhousie student memberships include access to Dalplex and Sexton Gym and are included in tuition fees. Learn more, and browse through part-time and co-op student rates. Special add-on rates for partners/ spouses/dependant children are also available.

Member Policies & Rules

Dalplex's Member Handbook includes: terms & conditions, photography policy, general rules & regulations (weight room rules, pool rules), freezing policy, cancellation policy, and more. 

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