What Parents & Kids Can Expect

General Info 

  • We will be following the Nova Scotia COVID-19 Return to Day Camp Guidelines
  • We will also be following the guidelines for the specific sports, such as Basketball Nova Scotia, Soccer Nova Scotia, etc.    
  • We will encourage the participants to clean their hands at every water break.
  • Water fountains will not be available so participants must bring sufficient water with them each day.
  • Locker rooms will not be available so participants must come dressed, ready for the program to begin.
  • Program-specific itineraries and details are emailed to participants the week before it begins.

Drop-Off & Pick-Up 

  • Drop-off begins 15 minutes before the program start time.
  • Drop-off will be in the Pay & Display parking lot on Alumni Crescent. We will screen participants prior to drop off in the vehicle and send the participant to the program from there.
  • Pick-up begins at end of scheduled program time and takes place in the Pay & Display parking lot. The adult picking up the child should remain in their vehicle and we will bring the child to them.  
  • Children over 12 will be allowed to go to their pick-up vehicle on their own.

What's Included

  • a t-shirt/jersey for the participant
  • one (1) complimentary Dalplex family day pass

What to Bring

  • Athletic attire: t-shirt, shorts, track pants, sweatshirt, sneakers and weather appropriate gear in case of rain. We strongly recommend labeling your child’s belongings also makes it easier for our staff to identify and return lost items.
  • For basketball and soccer programs, we ask that participants bring their own ball to limit the sharing of equipment.
  • Sun protective clothing and sunscreen.
  • Hand sanitizer: we will encourage the participants to clean their hands at every water break.
  • Water bottles, pre-filled as the water fountains will not be available.
  • For Parents/Guardians: photo I.D. is required at camp pick-up

What NOT to Bring

  • Cell phones
  • Collector cards (i.e. Pokémon cards)
  • Handheld games and electronics
  • Toys and stuffed animals
  • Money or debit cards (vending machines will not be allowed)

Lunches & Snacks

  • Participants are asked not to bring food.


  • Unlike our traditional summer camps, the pool is not available for program participants.