How to Register

Intramural Registration

Registration for the 2019-20 intramural season starts

Friday, August 30th.

Dalhousie intramurals is now on IM LEAGUES!

  • All intramural registration is now done online with the exception of ice hockey, curling and summer softball league.
  • To login to IM Leagues CLICK HERE and enter the same login information as what you would use for Dal Online (Net ID and password).
  • If you are unable to login please email and include your student B00 number.
  • Once logged in you will be prompted to set up your account. Full instructions on IM Leagues registration and sign up is available at IM Leagues Participant Sign Up Instructions
  • Off-campus sports only (Ice Hockey, Curling, Summer Softball League) first require payment of fees at Dalplex Client Experience Centre before registering on IM Leagues. Once you pay your fees at Dalplex, you will be notified by email when the leagues become available on IM Leagues to register.

  • Registration is done as a team, with the exception of tennis, squash, and badminton singles, which are individual sports.
  • If you’d like to join a team, contact your faculty or residence sport representative to join their team. Your faculty head office or residence council can provide you with your sport representative’s contact information.
  • A group of individuals may also join together to form an independent team.
  • No team? No problem! Sign up as an individual free agent on IM Leagues so other teams can recruit you or request to join the free agent teams set up under most offerings!
  • Intramural Registration is first come first serve. Late entries will not be accepted.

Need more details? Additional registration information is available in the Dal Intramural Policy Manual [.PDF].

Intramural Eligibility

  • You must be affiliated with Dalhousie University as a full-time or a part-time student (with a current Dalplex membership), a faculty or staff member (with a current Dalplex membership), or an adult Dalplex member.
  • You must have a current student ID or Dalplex membership card and must bring university or Dalplex-issued photo ID with you to each intramural activity.
  • Need more details? Additional eligibility information is available in the Dal Intramural Policy Manual [.PDF].

Intramural Fees - Off-Campus Sports

  • On-campus intramural activities are free for those who are eligible to participate.
  • Ice Hockey, Curling, and Summer Softball registrations require non-refundable fees (see below).
  • Ice Hockey Leagues: $300+HST per team. Matching jerseys with a number on the back (and that are in good taste) must be worn to every game. Teams may purchase a 15 jersey set with numbers for $225+HST from the Dalplex Client Experience Centre (purchased jerseys will be provided to teams at their first game). Fees cover both the fall and winter semesters. League fee and jersey purchase are non-refundable. Teams who do not wear matching jerseys will receive one warning before losing ice time.  
  • Individuals without a team can register for Ice Hockey by paying a $40 + HST non-refundable fee for the season (includes fall and winter) at the Dalplex Client Experience Centre for the Co-ed Residence League (Wednesday nights), Competitive A League (Monday nights) and/or Competitive B League (Sunday nights). This fee also includes a jersey. 
  • Curling: $30 + HST per team (team registration only)
  • Summer Softball: $150 + HST per team (team registration only)

REMINDER: Registration for Ice Hockey and Curling require additional fees at Dalplex in addition to registering in IMLeagues. Summer Softball is in person registration only.

Intramural Forfeit Fee - All Sports

  • NEW In place of the old performance fee/intramural deposit a new non-refundable “forfeit fee” of $20 is to be paid when a team defaults. This must be paid within 48 hours of the forfeit and is to be paid in person at the Dalplex front desk in order for the team to remain in the league. If a team defaults a second time they must have permission from the Campus Recreation Coordinator to be able to pay the fee/remain in the league. If a team is on the waitlist they will be given priority to obtain the spot in the league if the forfeit fee is not paid within 48 hours of the game. To avoid a forfeit the team must contact 48 hours in advance of the game to concede event. 
Looking for more information about intramurals?

Wondering if you’re eligible to play intramurals at Dal? Not sure what the rules are for registering a team? Download the Dal Intramural Policy Manual [.PDF] for detailed information.