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Intramurals at Dal

Bruce Moore Memorial Coed Summer Softball League

All players must be affiliated with Dalhousie University (ie: faculty, student, staff, alumni, etc.) View the full list of league rules (PDF).

Games are played Monday - Friday starting at 12pm on Gorsebrook and St. Francis Ball Fields. 

Games cancelled due to inclement weather will be indicated by a red box on the schedule. Schedule will be updated by 11am of game day. The league coordinator will reschedule canceled games on the next available rain date.

2018 Registration Deadline - May 16th

2018 League Start Date - May 22nd 

2018 Game Schedule & Results 


2018 Team Contacts 

2018 Teams Contact Email
FACMAN Andrew Kyte andrew_kyte@hotmail.com
Daplex Patrick Nearing patrick.nearing@dal.ca
Dal Med Basic Pitches Kelly Brennan/John Doucett kelly.brennan@dal.ca;doucett@dal.ca
Velocity Raptors Nicholas Ilow N.ilow@dal.Ca
Civil Warriors Nicole Allward nc594103@dal.ca
Dal News Bears Ryan McNutt ryan.mcnutt@dal.ca
The B-Fielders Chris Peacock ch298197@dal.ca
Seadogs Jenna Hare/Colin Hughes jenna.hare@dal.ca; colin.hughes@dal.ca
Buckey Ballers Sarah Greening sarah.greening@dal.ca
RegiStar Shawn Tracey shawn.tracey@dal.ca
ITS Kurt Sampson/Kellie Hawley kurt.sampson@dal.ca;Kellie.Hawley@dal.ca
Tupper Peter Nicholl peter.nicholl@dal.ca
The Swinging Lumber Aidan Fisher aidan.fisher@dal.ca
RegiStars Shawn Tracey Shawn.Tracey@dal.ca
Homerun Resources Justin Snow justin.snow@dal.ca

Congratulations to the Dalplex Dodgers, the 2017 Bruce Moore Memorial Co-ed Summer Softball League champions!

For more information, please contact the League Coordinator:

Andrew Harding
Email: intra@dal.ca
Phone: 902-494-2002