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Intramurals at Dal

2017‑18 Intramural League Champions

Playoff Results - Fall 2017 Intramural Leagues:



Rock Climbing:

Sunday Seadogs 2


Monday, Men's Rec. Washed up Willy's
Tuesday, Co-ed Rec. Team Braidwood
Wednesday, Mini-league, Co-ed Rec. MBA Roweboats
Thursday, Co-ed Rec. Camerons MP


Sunday, Co-ed Comp. L'eagles
Monday, Co-ed Rec. Manatees
Tuesday, Co-ed Rec. OT2

Indoor Soccer:

Monday/Thursday, Mens Latino FC

Inner Tube Water Polo:

Wednesday, Co-ed Rec. L'eagles

Floor Hockey:

Tuesday, Comp. Law Daddies
Wednesday, Rec. Rowe Royals


Sunday, Mini-league Rescorative Justice

Ultimate Frisbee:

Tuesday, Co-ed Rec. Physio
Thursday, Co-ed Rec. Disc in a Box

Flag Football:

Sunday, Co-ed Sippy Nips

Outdoor Soccer:

Monday, Co-ed Comp. Physio
Wednesday, Co-ed Rec. Kicking & Screaming 
Sunday, Men's Comp. Manchesthair
Sunday, Women's Shes the Man
Sunday 3pm-7pm, Co-ed Rec. Morris
Sunday 9pm-11pm, Co-ed Rec. Sii


Tennis -  Doubles Defending Champs
Tennis - Singles Kertsin (Womens) & YuYan (Mens)
Squash - Singles Moo Moo
Softball - Co-ed Dal Physio

Playoff Results - Winter 2018 Intramural Leagues:



Rock Climbing:

Sunday Engineering  


Sunday, Co-ed Comp. Team Braidwood
Monday, Co-ed Rec. Im Gonna Shoot
Tuesday, Men's Comp. OG Legals
Wednesday, Co-ed Rec. L'Eagles
Thursday, Co-ed Rec. Soup Squad
Sunday, Co-ed Rec.  HitsOutForHarambe
Monday, Co-ed Comp. L'eagles
Tuesday, Co-ed Rec. Manatees
Thursday, Co-ed Rec. Pharmacy
Thursday, Womens Pharmacy

Indoor Soccer:

Monday/Thursday, Mens. Team 10
Wednesday, Co-ed Rec. 2 Goals 1 Cup
Wednesday, Womens She's the man
Thursday, Co-ed Rec. ABCDE FC

Floor Hockey:

Tuesday, Comp. Law Daddies
Wednesday, Rec. Boreholers

European Handball:

Sunday, Co-ed  The Ballhandlers

Innertube Waterpolo:

Sunday, Co-ed Rec. N/A
Wednesday, Co-ed Rec. L'eagles

Indoor Ultimate Frisbee:

Sunday, Co-ed
Disc in a box


Thursday, Mini-league Enviro Eng


Sunday, Mini-league Dentistry

Ice Hockey:

Monday, Men's A Comp. Team Cohen
Wednesday, Residence Net Sticks and Chill
Thursday, Mens Comp. B Armadillos
Sunday, Mens Comp. B Peronis