Advance Court & Spin Bike Bookings

Changes due to COVID-19

The spin studio and courts are currently closed. They were scheduled to reopen on August 17, 2020, but will not be opened until further notice.

Information on changes to the booking process will be released closer to the opening date. 

For more information, please consult our phased reopening plan.

Information Update: August 12, 2020

Dalplex members and students can reserve select courts up to 3 days in advance AND/OR can same-day book a bike for a spin class by calling 902-494-6818. 

Spin Bikes

Spin bikes can be booked in advance over the phone or in-person for spin classes (same day bookings only).

How to book a spin bike:

  • Call 902-494-6818 - please have your membership/B00 number ready.
  • Phone bookings for spin bikes will end 30 minutes prior to start time of class.
  • In-person bookings will take place at the Dalplex Client Experience Desk up until class begins.
  • One bike per person/phone call.
  • Same-day bookings only.
  • Bikes are booked on a first-come, first-served basis and space is limited.
How to attend spin class:
  • All participants must pick up their spin bike 'tag' from the Dalplex Client Experience Desk before the start of class.
  • Spin studio will open approximately 15 minutes prior to the start of class.
  • Any tags not claimed by 5 minutes before the class start time will be released and made available to anyone waiting to participate.
No shows/cancellations:
  • If you are not able to make the class, please call to cancel your booking at least 30 minutes prior to the class starting.
  • If you cancel with less than 30 minutes notice or if you fail to show up for class, you will not be permitted to book a bike in advance for a week.
  • A second such late cancellation and/or no-show will result in the member losing advance booking privileges for a period of 3 months. *

*January 2019: A policy change was required due to an increased number of members reserving a space and/or checking in but not attending class. 


Badminton & Pickleball

Courts are available at various times throughout the day and evening, and can be booked for 45-minute intervals. Call 902-494-6818 to book (up to three days in advance). We offer equipment rentals, too. 

Squash & Racquetball

Dalplex has five hardwood squash courts and one hardwood racquetball court. Courts are booked for 45 minute intervals. Call 902-494-6818 to book (up to three days in advance). 

Dalplex also has member squash times. There are drop-in times, box league, and Dalplex also hosts the Halifax Squash League. 

Table Tennis

Table tennis tables can be booked for 45 minute intervals by calling 902-494-6818. We offer equipment rentals, too. 

Outdoor Tennis

Dalplex has two outdoor (seasonal) tennis courts located adjacent to Shirreff Hall on South Street. Courts can be booked for 1-hour intervals by calling 902-494-6818. We offer equipment rentals too. 


If the fieldhouse is not booked for a rental, tournament, or other activity, the courts are available for pick-up basketball.


If the fieldhouse is not booked for a rental, tournament, or other activity, the courts are available for pick-up volleyball.