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Members and guests with a mobility impairment can enter Dalplex via the fieldhouse spectator entrance ramp. If you are a Dalplex member, you can request to have access to the spectator ramp to your membership ID card at the Customer Service Centre (902 494-3372).

Guests and visitors can contact the Customer Service Centre for assistance upon arrival at Dalplex by using the call box located on the right wall of the Dalplex main entrance, just inside the doors. Once you have entered the Dalplex fieldhouse, an elevator is available so that you can access other key areas of the facility. Elevator access does require a key, so you must make this request to our facility staff upon arrival at Dalplex.

Dalplex is also an excellent facility choice for clients with a visual impairment, looking for a wide variety of fitness training and active living options. Customer Service Centre staff can assist in orienting visually impaired members and guests with access to the building, determining the best routes into and out of the building, accommodation for guide dogs and who to turn to for help.

Please contact Dalplex Customer Service at (902) 494-3372 or email dalplexinfo@dal.ca to arrange your orientation or for further information.

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Accessibilty at Dal

Dalhousie has a Student Accessibility Centre with a team of advisors that help support the needs to Dalhousie students who request accomodation as a result of disability, religious obligation, or an experience barrier related to any other characteristic protected under the Canadian Human Rights legislation.