Water Polo

The Dalhousie Water Polo Club consists of men and women of varying skill levels who want to learn or continue playing water polo. The club accepts new members at any time, both Dalhousie students and Dalplex members.

Never tried water polo before? Not a problem. Beginners are encouraged to contact the club and come out to see if they are interested in the sport. The only requirement is that members are able to swim in the deep end of the pool comfortably – the club will teach the skills needed to play and enjoy the game.

For more information, please visit the club's Facebook Page (Dalhousie Water Polo Association).

Location & Practice Times

Starting September 5th
Monday''s - 8:30pm-10:00pm - Dalplex Pool
Wednesday's - 8:30-10:00pm - Dalplex Pool
Friday's - 8:30-10:00pm - Dalplex Pool
Sunday's -7-9pm- Dalplex Pool 


Jenna MacEachern 
Email: jenna.maceachern@dal.ca 


Water Polo Team Wins Tournament
Water Polo intramurals win big

Our Water Polo team met success March 13th at Dalplex. Four 13-player teams participated including Dalhousie, Moncton, Saint John, and Tracadie.

The tournament started with a round-robin, then semi-finals (2 vs. 3 and 1 vs. 4), followed by finals (bronze and gold medal). Each team competed five games throughout the weekend.

The 2 vs. 3 game was Moncton vs. Saint John.
The 1 vs. 4 game was Tracadie vs. Dalhousie.

When Moncton won against Saint John and Dalhousie lost against Tracadie, it meant Dalhousie would have to meet Moncton in the game for gold. Saint John played Tracadie for the bronze.

The Dalhousie Water Polo team was persistent in their efforts and it paid off. Ranked fouth from the start, they went on to win against Moncton to win the tournament hosted here at home.

The final standing were as follows:
1. Dalhousie
2. Moncton
3. Tracadie
4. St. John.

Congratulations to the Dalhousie Water Polo team!

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