Synchronized Swimming

Want to learn more? Come to our info sessionDate:

Date: Sunday, September 8th

Time: 4pm-5pm

Location: Dalplex Studio 1


The info session will be followed by an open practice from 11am-1pm. All who are curious about synchronized swimming are encouraged to attend, regardless of experience or skill level!

Team Roster 2019-20

Alexandra Minard 

Anastasia Forbes

Breia Brown 

Caitlin Menczel 

Caitlin Schropp 

Caitlyn Macrae 

Daphne Dillman 

Elizabeth Wolfenden 

Emily Dutton 

Emma Hull

Esha Sawant 

Evangelina Hambly 

Gretel Park 

Hailey Taylor 

Julia Malek 

Julie Lindsay 

Kayla Mozill 

Logan Kershaw 

Valentina Marini 

Victoria McQuaid 

Grace Landry 



Caitlin Schropp