The Dalhousie Ringette Team is a member of the Canadian University Ringette League and competes at the annual University Challenge Cup. This tournament is held in late December/early January. 

In addition to the Tier 1 competitive team, there are also regular icetimes for Dalhousie University Ringette Club members. New club members are always welcome! Let us know if you need a drive to the arena. 

Practice Times  

Club Ice Times Starting September 30th
Team Practice Times Starting October 12th
6:30-8:00am at Halifax Forum (Forum Ice)
Sunday: 10:30-11:30pm at Halifax Forum (Forum Ice) 

Game Results 2018-19

Dalhousie 11 vs NSU19AA 6 
Dalhousie 5 vs Acadia 3
Dalhousie 4 vs Acadia 4
Dalhousie 8 vs NSU16AA 3
Dalhousie 8 vs NSU16AA 1
NS18+ 5, Dalhousie 3
NS18+ 5, Dalhousie 2
Dalhousie 12, NSU19A 0
NS18+ 5 vs Dalhousie 3
Dalhousie 3 vs NSU19AA 2
Dalhousie 6 vs Saint Marys Univ 1
Dalhousie 5 vs NS18+ 3
Dalhousie 8 vs St. FX 0
Dalhousie 9 vs St. FX 0
Dalhousie 4 vs NSU19AA 1
Dalhousie 4 vs SMU 3

University Challenge Cup National Ringette Championship

Dalhousie 7, Laurention Univ 0
Univ of Western Ontario 4, Dalhousie 3
Dalhousie 4, Brock Univ 2
Univ of Lethbridge 8, Dalhousie 4
Univ of Ottawa 5, Dalhousie 4
Univ of Guelph 4, Dalhousie 3
Brock Univ 5, Dalhousie 3
Dalhousie 7, Laurention Univ 3
Dalhousie 2, McMaster Univ 1
Dalhousie 3, Nipissing Univ 1

Nova Scotia University Challenge Cup Championship:
Dalhousie 10 vs SMU 2
Dalhousie 5 vs Acadia 3
Dalhousie 8 vs St, FX 1
Dalhousie 6 vs St.FX 0
Championship game:
Dalhousie 4 vs Acadia 1

Contact Information

Email: alan.saade@ns.sympatico.ca
Follow us on twitter: @DalRingette

Team consists of:

Front row (L-R): Alysha Creaghan, Vanessa Parker, Katie McKersie, Stephanie Chicoine, Emily Miller, Madison Hamilton, Kate Dossetor, Chelsie Packman and Nicole Chisholm

Back Row (L-R): Alan Saade (Manager), Morgan Rice, Micala Melanson, Kristen Gamache, Megan MacPhee, Olivia Hamilton, Sophie Vautour, Maia Kvas, Jenna Petero, Chris Clarke (Coach)


Photo Credits: Judy Ward, Alexandra Harris

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