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Updates to the Sexton Gym renovations

Posted by Chelsea Norris on January 24, 2019 in News, Current News

We’re pleased to announce that phase two of the renovations to Sexton Gym are set to begin on Monday, January 28, 2019. Phase two of the renovations includes improvements to the men’s locker room, the fitness studio and the stretching room.

In order to facilitate these improvements, the men’s locker room will be closed as of Sunday, January 27 at 10pm. All members are asked to remove their personal belongings from the locker room by that time. Renovations include new lockers, flooring, plumbing fixtures and a new coat of paint. It is expected that the work will take approximately six to eight weeks to complete.

During this closure members will have access to the brand new universal locker room, which was part of the first phase of renovations. Members are reminded that there is no nudity in the common areas of the universal locker room, and that the lockers are for day-use only. Please do not leave any belongings overnight.

Construction on the new women’s locker room is nearly complete and it is expected to re-open February 4. Improvements were made to the showers, lighting, lockers and vanities. There will be a couple of minor things left to complete in the coming weeks, but the impact to members will be limited.

Phase two of the project will also see the strength and cardio equipment moved from its current location to the new strength and cardio room the week of February 4. Over the next two months, that equipment will be upgraded and replaced with new equipment. This new space will be brighter, with new light fixtures and more natural light and air conditioning. Once all the equipment has been moved from the old strength and cardio room, work will begin on the new fitness studio.

The Sexton campus fitness renovation is part of a $26M Dalhousie University Campus Master Plan project that also included approximately $23M for a new fitness centre on South Street and $1M for renewal of the Dalplex fieldhouse. $2M was allocated for renewed and expanded fitness facilities at Sexton Campus.