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Sept. 4‑10: Pool schedule

Posted by Amanda Kirby-Sheppard on August 31, 2017 in Current News

Sept. 4-10: Pool schedule

Monday, Sept. 4
Labour Day Hours: 9am-8pm
9am-1pm 4 lanes 
(Aquafit Deep End is cancelled)
4 shallow lanes + "Splash Space"
4pm-8pm 2 lanes  
Tuesday, Sept. 5
6am-2:30pm 4 lanes
2:30-4pm 4 lanes + "Splash Space"
4-10pm 4 lanes  
Wednesday, Sept. 6
6am-7:30am 2 lanes
7:30am-2:30pm 4 lanes + Aquafit Deep End (12:10-12:55pm)
2:30pm-4pm 4 lanes + "Splash Space"
4pm-10pm 2 lanes
Thursday, Sept. 7 6am-2:30pm 4 lanes
2:30-4pm 4 lanes + "Splash Space"
4pm-10pm 4 lanes

Friday, Sept. 8

2 lanes
8am-2:30pm 4 lanes
2:30pm-4pm 4 lanes + "Splash Space"
4pm-10pm 4 lanes

Saturday, Sept. 9

Pool closing early at 8:30pm

7am-9am 4 lanes
9am-1pm 4 lanes + "Splash Space"
1-8:30pm 4 lanes + Open Swim  
Sunday, Sept. 10 9am-1pm 4 lanes
1pm-5pm 4 lanes + Open Swim
5pm-10pm 4 lanes


Swim Terms:

Open Swim (also referred to as a recreational or public swim) - times open to swimmers who want to enjoy unstructured time in the pool. Diving boards and towers are open in the deep end (Tarzan rope closed until further notice), as well as the Splash Space in the shallow end – a great activity for families! 

Splash Space: Two shallow end lanes combine to provide the perfect space to splash around. Adults, youth, and little ones alike can enjoy the pool without the worry of interfering with anyone swimming laps.