WeightLifting and Power Lifting

The Dalhousie Weightlifting and Powerlifting Association is open to anyone interested in strength sports, regardless of experience or ability.

The club is divided into two sports: Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting, and two streams: recreational and competitive. Anyone is welcome to join the recreational team, but there will be a specific performance requirement to join the competitive powerlifting portion of the team.

If you are looking to learn the sports of weightlifting or powerlifting, or to get stronger safely with a supportive environment, the recreational streams are ideal for you. The focus will be on improving technique and strength, and while athletes will not be expected to compete at any meets, opportunities within the club will be provided should that be an interest.

The competitive streams will be geared towards competing at local or regional meets in their respective sports. They will involve a larger practice commitment and greater interaction with the coaching staff. To join the competitive powerlifting team, athletes will need to either meet a qualifying total, or have the permission of the coach.

Athletes may, with guidance from the coaching staff, switch between streams and sports as their interests and time constraints change.

Location & training time (times subject to change, please confirm with the club before attending):



Seth Daley

Email: DalWPA@gmail.com

Facebook: Dalhousie Weightlifting/Powerlifting Association

Instagram: @DalWPA

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