Personal Training

Personal training has benefits for everyone, whether you are starting a new program, continuing along with an existing program, getting over an injury, or simply enjoy the motivation and expertise a personal trainer provides.

Clients range from teens to seniors, athletes to individuals with special needs. Our trainers can tailor programs to meet your individual needs and help you to meet your goals with greater success. We can teach new habits, correct old ones and provide motivation and positive reinforcement.

Personal training is about making an investment in yourself and in your health and wellness. Take control of your life and get the results you want!

Choose a package that best suits you!

You can meet with your trainer as often as you like. Whether it's every day, once or twice a week, or every 6-8 weeks to make adjustments, your program is custom-made for you.

Programs Available

  • one-on-one training
  • small group programs
  • weight loss
  • sport specific conditioning
  • fitness for the non-athlete
  • training for osteoporosis management and prevention

Please contact Anne Falconer by email at or call (902) 494-3017 to discuss your fitness plans, to obtain a quote or to set up a time for your first session.